"Changing the way you look at your iProducts"

Innovative Simplistic Engineering


“…iCircle is everything I have been looking for, it’s so slim I don’t even feel like I have anything on. ;) ” Sarah H.  UCLA. —–



  • Four positions.

  • Super slim design.

  • Ultra lightweight.

  • Ridiculously strong polycarbonate.

  • Works seamlessly with your Smart Cover.

  • Compatible with iPad 2 & New iPad (iPad 3).

  • Black or White.


“iSteel is simply the best kickstand on the market. iSteel is slim and strong.  I just love it. I’ve tried others and nothing compares! Steven H. — Los Angeles Ca. —–



  •  Adjusts iPhone/iPod to four different positions.

  • Rugged stainless steel construction.

  • Sleek modern design.

  • Flexible positioning: opens up to 60 degrees.

  • Comfortably watch videos anywhere.

  • Excellent tool for Facetime.

  • Take self-portraits with ease.

  • Works with all iPhones.


ULTIMATE iPAD SCREEN PROTECTION “…Everything claims to be bubble free… kind of like the DIY Tint for car windows does and we have all seen that DIY job driving down the road.  Anyways, this worked like magic, … my freaking 5 year-old could put this thing on.”     Tiffany H — West Seattle WA




  • Ridiculously easy to install

  • 100%  bubble-free

  • Adhesive sticks only to the frame, not to your screen

  • Crystal Clear.  90-96% high optical transmittance

  • Minimizes fingerprints

  • Extremely durable: Hardness is up to 4H

  • Reusable, removable, and washable silicone adhesive (water only)

  • Super Anti-Glare technology

  • Ultra thin. Film thickness: 0.188mm

  • Advanced technology residue free adhesive

  • Superior anti-scratch surface

  • No “rainbow effect”

  • Smooth, slide-touch technology

  • Double side AG PET film and silicone adhesive from Japan

  • Compatible with iPad2, iPad3 / New iPad

  • Our Sputtering Silver metallic color uses the latest Non Conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM)  technology. Unlike our competitors, our metallic color will NOT interfere with your data transfer.

  • Bubee is available in the following colors: Black, Light Blue, Luminous, Magenta/Hot Pink, Light Pink, White and (Non Conductive Metalized) Sputtering Silver.

Multi Media Bar